Integrating mPOS into a full commerce ecosystem

Add value to the entire purchasing process by benefiting from our integrated approach.


Our innovative mobile point-of-sale Android and iOS apps work with a variety of affordable terminal types, feature bank-level security and accept a variety of payment methods.

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Expanded feature set

Grow your business and improve retention with features like currency conversion, rewards, multi-staff handling, digital receipts, reporting and more.

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Professional services

From branding, configuration and integration to merchant on-boarding and analytics, we offer a scalable and secure payment infrastructure for businesses of all sizes.

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Innovative point-of-sale apps

Accept chip, swipe and contactless card payments via mobile applications and a wide variety of mobile card-reading terminals.


  • iOS and Android, tablets and phones
  • Sale, void, partial and full refund
  • Customize tips, tax, permissions and currency
  • Multiple staff per device
  • Cash advance and cash back
  • Geo-fencing and location tracking
  • Barcode scanning
  • SMS and email receipts
  • Configurable reference fields
  • Variety of terminals supported
  • Update smart terminals
  • Multi-language support

Versatile payment terminals

Accept card payments anywhere, anytime. It’s a fast, easy, and secure way to increase your transactions while taking the hassle out of chasing payments.

Audio jack devices

  • Fully secure and reliable card reading process
    (chip and sign, swipe or contactless)
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy storage
  • Supporting all major card schemes globally with secure encryption of data
  • Communicates with smartphones and tablets

PIN pad devices

  • Fully secure and reliable card reading process (chip and PIN, swipe or contacless)
  • Mixture of compact and rugged design for different type of environments
  • Various choices of connectivity (NFC, Bluetooth)
  • Support all major card schemes globally (EMV, PCI-PTS compliant)
  • All sensitive data securely encrypted
  • Over-the-air update capabilities
  • Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Bluetooth pairing with app
  • Charge via USB

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Powerful web portals

Back office features allow you to configure staff, devices and terminals, catalogue items and receipt management, as well as analytics and data visualization.

Administrator portal

A one stop shop for mPOS administrators (banks & acquirers) to manage their data and settings, including on-boarding merchants and blocking fraudulent readers

Back office messaging

Allows you to create specific server generated messages that can be sent to users (e.g. merchant portal account creation, resend staff PIN, merchant PIN resent, staff PIN reset)

Merchant portal offers

A merchant focused tool to manage specific settings and configurations such as creating and managing merchants, staff and readers or export transaction data for reporting purposes

Velocity checks

Allows banks to set pre-determined transaction limits/and or ranges for their merchants

Data & insights

Offers a powerful analytics platform to merchants with quick insights and advanced sales reports

Developer SDK

Our Android and iOS software development kits make integrating payment acceptance in your mobile applications seamless, safe and highly secure. You will be able accept all cards and all types of payments through your existing merchant account, while keeping control over your interface and user experience.

Our software development kits and documentation are available for partners wishing to build their own EMV and contactless acceptance payment applications using our readers and server APIs. 

An expanded feature set

Grow your business and improve retention with features that provide convenience, insights and new revenues.

Reporting and analytics

Monitor transactions, create dashboards, download CSV reports and gain insights into your business activities.

Multiple currencies

Provide dynamic currency conversion for your overseas customers.

Inter-app payment

Call our payment application from your POS, delivery or inventory app and accept card present transactions.

Loyalty integration

GoSwiff works with loyalty providers to build tailored card-linked loyalty solutions.

In addition to email, send receipts to your customers via SMS.


Upload and manage your catalogue – featuring itemized invoices, configurable discounts and more.

Mobile money

Allow your customers to top-up and pay with their mobile money wallet.

A range of professional services for banks and telcos

We work with partners all over the world to deliver and support a scalable and secure payment infrastructure for small, medium or large businesses.

Merchant activation

A well-tested framework to guarantee successful adoption of your mPOS solution, including merchant acquiring, onboarding and reward programs.

White label services

Branded solutions including branded back-office portals, card readers and packaging to enable easy merchant adoption and increase transactions.

Technology services

We cover everything from bank, gateway and third-party integration (loyalty, mobile money and currency conversion) to insights and analytics.

Customer support

Effective customer support is necessary to manage the digital payment processes so we make your customer experience our priority with rapid support and hands-on training. 

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